Currently, American Buddhist Study Center are featuring two artists, Ken Horii and Nobuyoshi Fukushima. 

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Nobuyoshi Fukushima - Photographer


Nobuyoshi Fukushima was born in Tokyo in 1936. At the outbreak of WWII, he moved to Kyoto and stayed there until the war ended.  During his junior year in high school, Nobuyoshi moved back to Tokyo. He attended Toyo University, where he discovered his passion for mountain climbing and photography. 

Throughout Japan, he climbed steep mountains and took many photographs. In 1947 one of his photos was featured in a hiking magazine.  His photos started getting attention from the media.

When he was 30, his father became sick with stomach cancer. He dropped out of the university to help his father by taking over the family bathhouse business. Twenty years later, he too, at age 50, came down with stomach cancer and turned the bathhouse business over to his son.  

After recovering, he went back into his love of photography. Although he was unable to hike mountains, he enjoys shooting landscape scenes.  Nobuyoshi used Nicola Perscheid lens, an antique soft-focus lens from Germany designed for large format portrait photography. His friend who worked in a camera shop gave him his first 300mm lens. Five years later, he bought his first 420mm and 480mm Perscheid lens. To this day, he treasures these three lenses. 

His photographs are shown all over the world in various exhibitions, including in Russia and Taiwan. In 2014, the City University of New York held a two-month photo exhibition of his works. 

“I want to continue taking pictures with my magical lens and 8x10 films and show how spectacular it is. I hope that people are deeply moved by it and that it brings them passion,” says Nobuyoshi. 


Ken Horii - Artist


Ken Horii has been working for over forty years in a number of mediums and formats.  His work has been exhibited nationally, in New England, New York, and Chicago, in commercial and academic galleries and corporate spaces, and internationally, in special exhibitions in South Korea and forthcoming in China.  His work is in corporate, museum, and private collections in Chicago, Boston, and New York.


He is a professor emeritus of Spatial Dynamics in the Experimental and Foundation Studies Division at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence.  He was a visiting artist teaching special projects in the International Art and Design Program at the Samsung Art and Design Institute in Seoul, South Korea, and a visiting lecturer at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts and the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts in Shanghai, China.  He is currently a visiting professor in the International Master of Fine Arts Program at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China.


Horii is a third generation Japanese American, born in New York City.  His maternal grandparents were Shingon Buddhists.  He had an opportunity to spend a month in Kyoto, Nara, and Mount Koya, Japan on a grant from the Rhode Island School of Design researching and photographing Shingon Buddhist Temples.

Small Works on Paper
Large Works on Paper