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Toshiko Takao
(Artist name Seiko Kaneko)
IMG_6884 2.HEIC

Toshiko Takao is a master Japanese calligraphy and piano teacher who, at the age of 100 years, continues to give lessons in both. Her passion for life and teaching Japanese culture is why she was chosen as this month’s Trailblazer.

 “I may not have many years ahead of me, whether it is another day or two, but as long as I am alive and well, I wish to do something helpful for the world,” Ms. Takao said in a recent interview. 

Toshiko Takao was born in Japan in 1922 and, after a full career teaching elementary and junior high school, moved to New York City at age 59. Still living and working in New York City, this warm and friendly lady enjoys teaching shodou (Japanese brush painting) and giving piano lessons. 

Ms. Takao lectures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to elementary and middle school teachers. Her works are on display at the Japanese Consulate in New York City, at the Tenrikyo Temple in Nara, Japan, and inscribed on a wall in East Germany.  


Some of Toshiko Takao’s calligraphy is included in the American Buddhist Study Center’s 2023 fundraiser, “Interconnected: A Buddhist and Japanese-Inspired Fine Art Exhibit and Auction.” Click Here to view the ABSC Art Auction. 

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