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This year marks the 70th Anniversary of the American Buddhist Study Center.  Over the coming months, we will give gratitude and appreciation to our forefathers and mothers who started the ABSC and to all the unsung heroes and their untold stories.


The history of the American Buddhist Study Center in all aspects is the realization of the American dream.  It is the story of the Japanese and Japanese Americans coming together to build a cultural bridge between East and West.  

At the end of WWII, Rev. Hozen Seki and a small group of Japanese and Japanese Americans established the American Buddhist Academy to share all the fine qualities and culture of Japan, including its Buddhist roots of peace and harmony and its beautiful arts and crafts. This initiative was not prompted by the U.S. Government or Japan but by concerned local Japanese/Japanese Americans who wanted to be good neighbors and share their religion and culture with the community.  Here in action exemplifies what the American dream is all about – different cultures banding together, sharing their traditions, and building a united and harmonious community.


If you have a story you would like to share, we would like to hear from you.  We are working on stitching together our history and the history of the Japanese and Japanese Americans and how their accomplishments and culture became part of mainstream America. Please click here to contact us.

Art Gallery

Nobuyoshi Fukushima

Nobuyoshi Fukushima is a Tokyo Photographer.

He is a member of the Photographic Society of Japan and Japan Alpine Photographers Association.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing any one of these photographs.

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Ken Horii

Some of the artworks by artist Ken Horii that were featured in the ABSC’s year-end fundraiser, a virtual Fine Art auction, are still available for purchase.  If you missed the auction, which is now closed, please go to our online art gallery, which is now open, to view his sculptures and works on paper still available.  A portion of each purchase will go towards supporting our 2021 programs as we continue carrying on our mission of introducing Buddhist Values and Japanese Culture to America.  ABSC is a registered 501 c (3) non-profit organization, and a part of any purchase may be tax deductible.


The American Buddhist Study Center will pay tribute to those individuals who aided in bringing Buddhist values and Japanese culture to our everyday lives.

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Rose Ochi, a Los Angles attorney was a fierce activist of civil rights and Japanese American Causes

December 15, 1938 – December 13, 2020


Our first trailblazer for 2021, we honor Attorney Rose Ochi for her determination and dedication to social justice in America. She broke the glass ceiling to be the first Asian American woman commissioner to the Los Angeles Police Commission. She was the first Asian American woman assistant to the U.S. attorney general. Among the high-profile people, she counseled L.A. Mayor Tom Brady and James Hahn on criminal justice. Rose served under two presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, handling immigration, refugee policy, drug policies, and race relations. 



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American Buddhist Study Center was originally founded in 1951 by the late Reverend Hozen Seki. At that time the Study Center’s name was The American Buddhist Academy.  Back then Reverend Seki’s wanted to enlighten the spirit and the minds of Americans to the great compassion, wisdom, and teachings of Amida Buddha.


VOICE From Our Guest

A wonderful way to experience this unique Japanese school of Buddhism. Friendly people are very willing to share their knowledge of Shin Buddhism.

Richard G.


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