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ABSC President message: Tragic wildfires in hawaii update

We are now 46 days out when flames tore through Lahaina, indiscriminately burning down homes, businesses, churches, temples, schools, and parks, leaving nothing but ashes and suffering in its wake.

The news media has moved on, but the people of Lahaina have not. They are still in shock and trying to make sense of what happened to them.

This week, I spoke to Rev. Ai Hironaka, the Lahaina Hongwanji Mission minister. He and his family have moved into a shelter along with other Lahaina residents who lost everything. He gave a Dharma message at the Hilo Betsuin, where he said he and other survivors are living that horrible day over and over again. He said he saw telephone poles and powerlines falling like dominos.

The wind was so strong he saw a huge pine tree snapped in two. He couldn’t keep the Hurrian winds from coming into his house, the windows broke, and he could not keep his front door closed. At that moment, he felt there was nothing to protect him and his family. He watched fearfully as the fires consumed the adjacent building, threatening him and his family. He felt his life would end. In retrospect, his faith got him through as he continued to say Namu Amida Butsu.

I mentioned in previous updates that the Nokotsudo was the only building that did not burn. However, as of this date, neither Rev. Hironaka nor anyone else has not entered the building – the area is still off-limits. No one knows what damage might be inside the building where all the deceased’s ashes are interned. 


Thank you to all those who have supported our Lahaina Hongwanji Relief Fund. We are over the halfway mark toward our goal. The people of Lahaina Hongwanji Mission need time to heal, and we want to help them during this process and have the funds ready when it is time to rebuild. Please help us.


Please click here to donate to the Lahaina Hongwanji Mission and its Sangha Members.


All of us, including our ABSC Board of Directors, Team ABSC, Rev. Ai Hironaka, and Lahaina Sangha members, thank you so much for your support.


In Gassho,

Hoshina Seki


The American Buddhist Study Center will pay tribute to those individuals who aided in bringing Buddhist values and Japanese culture to our everyday lives.

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TINA TURNER: The Queen of Rock and Roll

(November 26, 1939 – May 24, 2023)


“Thanks to my Buddhist practice, the empowering process of changing poison into medicine—transforming destructive negativity into creative positivity—has become the hope-filled theme of my life.”

            ̶  Tina Turner, Happiness Becomes You



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American Buddhist Study Center was originally founded in 1951 by the late Reverend Hozen Seki. At that time the Study Center’s name was The American Buddhist Academy. Back then Reverend Seki’s wanted to enlighten the spirit and the minds of Americans to the great compassion, wisdom, and teachings of Amida Buddha.


VOICE From Our Guest

A wonderful way to experience this unique Japanese school of Buddhism. Friendly people are very willing to share their knowledge of Shin Buddhism.

Richard G.


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